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Dear Sir,
How are you? Thanks first for you choosing our products.
Service aim:
¡¡¡°service for the customer, gaining the reliance from the customer¡±is our service aim. Our quality guarantee is to let HOTTIP BRAND leave the permanent impression on the customers¡¯ mind. We provide the service for before-sales, in-sales, after-sales and the technical consults.
Before Sales:
¡¡providing service for the customer, the products introduction, technical knowledge, quality guarantee, observing the pledge and the prestige.
In sales service:
¡¡During the products using process, we will dispatch the technicians and QC to visit the users, consult the customers about the product quality, using status, and get the feedback about the products improvement ,to advance the product quality.
After sales service:
¡¡We provide the guarantee in one year. We will react immediately according the customer¡¯s compliant about the quality, the after-sales guy will be on the spot in 24-36 hours.
Quality culture:
We is ¡°quality first¡± oriented.
Service centered on the customer
Quality first
Service first
Reputation first is taken as the aim.
Sincerely cooperate with the customers, to establish the partner relationship.
Advanced with the times, we provide hospitably the perfect products and services.

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